Agricultural Questions and Answers

 Agricultural Questions and Answers

1     Q      Where are the vineyards located ?

       A      Our vineyards are located in the San Joaquin Valley, Tulare County, California.

2     Q      When are grapes harvested ?

       A      Harvest starts in August with the white grapes and goes on until October ending with the late varieties, such as

                Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese and Petit Verdot.

3     Q      How many varieties of grapes do we grow ?

       A      10 premium varieties

                 – Cabernet Sauvignon                 – Chardonnay                  – Merlot                                  – Tannat

                 – Pinot Grigio                               – Pinot Noir                     – Sangiovese

                 – Syrah                                          – Petit Verdot                  – Zinfandel (for both Red and White Zinfandel)

4     Q      Same grape varieties are grown in different regions along California, is there any difference in the wine ?

       A      Each region has its own terroir (climate, soil, etc…) making the grape and the wine unique to the region.

5     Q      What defines high quality  from low quality grapes ?

       A      The health of the cluster (absence of rot or any other disease that might occur during the growing cycle), the sugar content,

                brix and the phenols maturity (color, smooth tannins, absence of vegetal flavors).

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