Bottling Questions and Answers

Bottling Questions and Answers

1        Q    How long can bottled wine be kept ?

          A    Wine is a product always in “modification”, even when bottled.  The nature (vintage) and the winemaking techniques have 

                  the ability to determine the longevity period for each wine variety.  It can vary between 6 months to 30 years, depending also

                  on the storage conditions once on the market.

2        Q   Do all wines reach the best taste peak at the same time ?

          A    No, it varies for each wine, depending on the variety and how the specific wine was conceived.

3        Q    What is the most efficient way to store wine ?

          A    In a dark and humid place where temperatures are constant between 50 and 65 F.

4        Q    Do wines contain sulfites ?

          A    Most wines contain sulfite residues. The sulfites are the only preservative used in winemaking. 

5        Q    Should wines be decorked and decanted prior to serving ?

          A    Not really. Whites don’t need it at all.  Most of the reds available at the grocery stores don’t need it either.  If you have a wine

                  that you have been keeping for more than 3-5+ years, the use of a decanter is recommended.


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