Environmental Friendly Agricultural Practices

Environmentally Friendly Agricultural Practices

Nature is our friend and ally, and Cacciatore Fine Wines & Olive Oil Corp (CWO) is committed to preserving the environment. We take seriously our responsibility to care for nature, and make every effort to enrich our land with the fruits of our labor.

Our agricultural practices with OPTIMUM, LA GONDOLA, TERRA BELLA and GOOD DOG wines reflect this philosophy.

CWO environmentally friendly practices include:

  • Planting cover crops as a natural method of fertilization to create NATURAL ORGANIC FERTILIZER
  • Frequent watering of vineyard roads in summer to reduce soil emissions 
  • Disking soil on days with little to no wind
  • Using government-approved fertilizers and pesticides exclusively
  • Distributing a measure of fertilizer through the drip irrigation system
  • Shredding vine canes at time of pruning and blending them with the soil
  • Minimizing the practice of spraying pesticides and fungicides
  • Conserving water and avoiding waste through drip irrigation
  • Using technically advanced, environmentally friendly equipment
  • Constantly and meticulously grooming the 475,000 planted vines
  • Preserving the grape variety’s natural character
  • Working with nature not against it 


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