Yearly Farming to Harvesting Tasks

Annual Farming-to-Harvesting Tasks

In order to maximize grape quality, our vineyards are in a constant state of care. Vines are dormant from about December to February, but once growing season begins Cacciatore Fine Wines & Olive Oil Corp (CWO) performs the following tasks each year:

  • Vine pruning (January to February)
  • Vine cane tying (January to February)
  • Soil disking (February to August)
  • Irrigation (March to October)
  • Fertilizer application (March to July)
  • Pesticides application (May to July)
  • Grape bunch management to remove excess and ensure consistency (___________ to _____________)
  • Canopy management to remove excess leaves (July)
    This task improves air circulation, which enhances grape quality by maximizing color, tannin and aroma
  • Grape harvesting (August to October)
  • Soil cover crop seeding (November)
    Grass grown from seed is disked and mixed with soil as fertilizer
  • Trellis and irrigation systems repair (October to December)

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