La Gondola Reserve White Wines

La Gondola Reserve White Wines

Pinot Grigio

Color: yellow with light copper tones (onion skin)

Clarity: clear

Bouquet (aroma): Prevailing aromas are “sweet profile” based, such as honeysuckle, ripe pear and a bit of butterscotch.

Taste and Flavor: The taste is ample and mellow. A balanced acidity backbone gives this wine a long, smooth finish, which makes it suitable with a large variety of food or ethnic cuisine.

Body: medium-full

Pairing and Serving: grilled and baked fish/seafood, including lobster

Winemaster comments: Under La Gondola Reserve Label we bottle the excellence. This wine goes through a complete malolactic fermentation that preserves the acidity backbone but turns it into a mellow, refreshing feeling. The wine is kept on its own lees for 6/8 months and ages in the bottle for one year prior to being put on the market.


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