Terra Bella and Optimum Red Wines

Terra Bella and Optimum Red Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon

Color: deep red

Clarity: clear

Bouquet (aroma): red/black berries, tree fruit (cherry) and raisin. A hint of black pepper with notes of dark chocolate enhances the complexity of this wine.

Taste and Flavor: Fruity flavors with a spicy and slightly woody finish for a complex taste. Smooth and silky tannins make this wine pleasant and easy to drink.

Body: medium but rich

Pairing and Serving: Pairs great with all roasts and grilled meat (steaks, pork chops and lamb); great with mild or aged cheese. Serve at 65F.

Winemaster comments: Our Cab is not the familiar bold and heavy style, which makes it a new experience for most wine drinkers. The wine is extremely rich in varietal aroma and flavors. We achieve this unique result by harvesting below 24 brix, fermenting at a lower temperature (about 80F) and extending the maceration for no longer than 14 days.



Color: scarlet red

Clarity: clear

Bouquet (aroma): cherry and black currant with notes of cloves and licorice

Taste and Flavor: The long finish, sweet tannins and nice, lasting fruitiness make this wine enjoyable even to new wine drinkers.

Body: medium

Pairing and Serving: Pair with creamy soups as well as roasted, broiled or grilled meat.

Winemaster comments: We like to produce our Merlot by alternating the rotary tank maceration with the punch-down technique to extract the sweet tannins. Malolactic fermentation is promoted but arrested prior to completion in order to keep a good acidity balance.


Pinot Noir

Color: scarlet red

Clarity: clear

Bouquet (aroma): cherry, raspberry, strawberry and pleasant, mild, earthy forest-floor aromas. 

Taste and Flavor: Its complexity is hard to define. The “explosion” of aroma seems to never end. The ripe, soft tannins deliver a smooth wine with a long-lasting, pleasant aftertaste.

Body: medium

Pairing and Serving: Pairs well with white, grilled meat or grilled fish; great with ravioli in butter sauce and clam chowder. We also recommend this wine by itself, anytime and for any occasion.

Winemaster comments: Our Pinot Noir is brought to you in a ”young style.” Pinot Noir is one of the most difficult varieties to grow in the vineyard and work with in the cellar. My objective for this wine is to help you discover a different way to appreciate Pinot Noir.



Color: red with brick tones

Clarity: clear

Bouquet (aroma): primarily ripe tree fruit such as plum, peach and figs. Notes of spiciness and caramel complete it.

Taste and Flavor: The ripe fruit aromas turn into sweet flavors. This wine is dry; however, the sweet fruit and caramel flavors give a pleasant, sweet aftertaste.

Body: medium

Pairing and Serving: Pairs with a wide variety of food, from pizza to lasagna, as well as stews and roasted meats.

Winemaster comments: Sangiovese is steeped in Italian wine history. The name comes from the Latin “Sanguis Jovis” (Jupiter’s blood). Since the Etruscan and Roman times Sangiovese has been cultivated primarily in Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna. We draw out the best character of this variety by fermenting and aging it in stainless steel only.



Color: red with purple notes

Clarity: clear

Bouquet (aroma): Lush, black fruit aromas are enriched by notes of violets (floral), black pepper and licorice

Taste and Flavor: Concentrated flavors of blackberry, cherry and plum, complemented by a hint of vanilla, lead to a smooth silky finish.

Body: medium-full

Pairing and Serving: Pairs great with lamb chops, grilled spicy sausages, hamburgers, creamy risotto and varieties of cheese

Winemaster comments: Our Syrah is inspired by the “Cote’ du Rhone Style.” 100% stainless steel fermented. Its predominant floral bouquet when young becomes peppery as it ages. My philosophy is to bottle it when the two aromas are in perfect balance. Try it and enjoy!



Color: deep red

Clarity: clear

Bouquet (aroma): dark cherries, plum and dry apricot in the background with clear notes of black pepper and chocolate

Taste and Flavor: Lingering flavors of dried fruit end in a smooth, pleasant finish. The aftertaste leaves you with natural woody and chocolate flavors originated by ripe and smooth tannins.

Body: full

Pairing and Serving: steaks, lamb, (spicy) chicken, roasted duck. Exceptional with Gorgonzola cheese as well as aged goat cheese.

Winemaster comments: Do not expect a 15-16% alcohol wine. Our Zin is just below 14% Alc. The grapes are harvested to preserve the rich and fascinating ripe/dry fruit aromas. By exposing the clusters, we are able to achieve the proper ripening to have bold but soft tannins. This is one of my favorite wines, which I describe as “a fruit basket in the woods to tantalize your taste buds.”


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