Terra Bella and Optimum White Wines

Terra Bella and Optimum White Wines


Color: yellow with green-gold tones

Clarity: clear

Bouquet (aroma): tropical (pineapple, banana) and tree fruit (peach), with notes of white flowers

Taste and Flavor: fruity. Initial acidic backbone mellows to a smooth, rich and long-lasting flavor

Body: medium-full

Pairing and Serving: Serve chilled with seafood, shellfish, grilled chicken or chicken salad. 

Winemaster comments: Grapes are picked earlier for a mix of fruit and floral aroma. Partially controlled malolactic fermentation is conducted to preserve part of the acidity to keep wine fresh, smooth and ample.


Pinot Grigio

Color: light yellow with copper tones

Clarity: clear

Bouquet (aroma): floral (orange blossom), tree fruit (peach, pear) and melon

Taste and Flavor: crisp but smooth with hints of pear and honeysuckle; rich feel lingers in the mouth for a unique flavor experience

Body: medium

Pairing and Serving: Serve chilled with seafood-based pasta, risotto, appetizers or goat cheese. Or enjoy a glass by itself.

Winemaster comments:  Pinot Grigio (Pinot Gris) grapes grow in a characteristic small cluster with a color that varies from bluish grey to light pink. In order to obtain maximum flavor complexity, we prefer to harvest Pinot Grigio when the color turns bluish, which brings out natural copper tones in the wine. No malolactic fermentation is conducted. Wine is kept on the lees for about four months to reach desired smoothness.


White Zinfandel

Color: light, pinkish red

Clarity: clear

Bouquet (aroma): red berries (cherry and strawberry) and grapefruit

Taste and Flavor: The taste offers an unusual harmony between crispness and sweetness. The flavor of strawberries is dominant.

Body: light

Pairing and Serving: Serve chilled with pizza, grilled fish,or any salad. Enjoy as an aperitif.

Winemaster comments: Unlike the typical, very sweet White Zinfandel, this wine tastes more like a European rosé. It is very pleasant and easy to drink with low alcohol (10.5-11.0%). Twelve hours of cold skin contact (maceration) allow the perfect amount of time to release the desired “red nuance.”

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